Friday, November 14, 2014

Spot's Picks: Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Dogs

Okay, so maybe every day is like Christmas for your pooch.  I know that Spot leaves the local PetValu every time we visit with at least one present (and it's usually a bully stick, gross!).  But the holidays are a chance to buy some really cool gifts for your furry friend.  Spot and I have searched the internet for some of the coolest dog gifts for 2014.  Check out what we found!

Gingerbread Dog House

Yeah!!!!!!  Now that's the kind of house any dog would like to live in!  A mini gingerbread house just for them!  Can you imagine the Christmas card photos?  Plus, you can have it personalized!  This sweet surprise will only set you back $24.98 (and some shipping, too).  I did see it in person and it's mainly for smaller dogs.  Indoor use, too, of course, since it's plush.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Experience with an Animal Communicator

Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking?  I know I do, all the time. I even make up voices for him, so he can 'answer' me (aw, don't pretend YOU don't, too!). Some people claim they have the ability to ‘talk’ to animals by telepathically reading their thoughts. Sonya Fitzpatrick, a well-known animal communicator and former TV star, has written books on the subject and even has a radio talk show. I read Sonya's first book, What the Animals Tell Me, and I thought it was really interesting (one of the last chapters of that book deals with pet loss, too).  I spoke to someone recently who had a phone reading with her after the loss of her dog.  She was very comforted by what Sonya said, but she was out a lot of money after that!  I think it cost her at least $300 (you can check Sonya's website for the exact fee).

Monday, October 27, 2014

Road Trip with Spot!: The Hungry Hound in Somerville, NJ

Today is my little mush's 1st Birthday!  Spot, Spotty, Spotta Lotta, Spoteens turns ONE!  It actually makes me a little sad.  Having lost my beloved Milo at almost 15, I just don't want this little one to age.  But you can't stop time, so, we stay grateful for what we have, and we CELEBRATE!  So come with us to plan Spot's birthday party, and to visit The Hungry Hound!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Coming, Fall 2014!!

COMING...FALL, 2014!!
Dog articles, dog tales and more, coming soon!  Stay tuned!!