Today is my little mush's 1st Birthday!  Spot, Spotty, Spotta Lotta, Spoteens turns ONE!  It actually makes me a little sad.  Having lost my beloved Milo at almost 15, I just don't want this little one to age.  But you can't stop time, so, we stay grateful for what we have, and we CELEBRATE!  So come with us to plan Spot's birthday party, and to visit The Hungry Hound!!

Where is the Hungry Hound?

The Hungry Hound is located on Main Street in Somerville, just past Candyland Crafts and The Melting Pot. You can't miss it if you look for their bone-shaped sign hanging above the sidewalk.

The Hungry Hound of Somerville

I parked on the street (the spots are metered, with a 50 cent fee per hour, but are free on the weekends). There are also parking lots behind the stores, but I am so city-challenged (even in Somerville) that I couldn't figure out exactly which spots were legal to park at in the lots (so many were marked 'tenants only' or 'business only,' so I said, screw it, let's park on the street!).

The pretty streets of Somerville.

What is The Hungry Hound?

The Hungry Hound is an adorable boutique store for dogs and their humans, and the most fun part is that they are also a dog bakery!  You can purchase home-made dog treats, dog birthday cakes and more right from their shop.

Spot wouldn't pose next to their sign, but you can see his shadow.

What Does the Hungry Hound Offer?

Oh gosh, there's almost too much to name!  They had just about every doggy item you can imagine, from collars to leashes, sweaters to neckerchiefs.  They even carried Spot's dog food, Go Now Fresh.  There was so much in the bakery case that I wasn't sure what to get.

ALL for dogs!!  Jealous?  I was!

But I opted for the dog birthday cake (although I was tempted to get the doggy cupcakes instead).  A First Birthday only comes ONCE, after all!

Hmm...what to choose, Spotty?

I also let Spot pick out a toy and got him a handsome Snoopy neckerchief for the Fall.  I like it because it just slips right onto his collar instead of being tied around his neck.  Spotty is very particular about these things, you know.

It just slides onto the collar- no tying needed!

I even loved the cute paw print bags they give you for your goodies.

Spot liked the bag, too!

And the cake looked so really real when I brought it home!

Not for people, but looks good enough to try!

Mmm-mmm, let's eat, momma!

And then the festivities began.  There was cake, and singing, presents and candles, too.

Did I mention that there were no hats at this birthday celebration?  Spotty took one look at that hat and said, "uh....nope."

"Did you hear me, momma?  I said no hat."

And although I don't have the pictures to prove it, Spot was happy to share his cake with friends Pepi and Teddy.

See, don't they look happy?

So if you're thinking of celebrating your furry friend's birthday, Spotty Style, then consider taking a trip over to The Hungry Hound.  Your pooch will thank you!  Spot was definitely satisfied on the ride home.

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