My Experience with an Animal Communicator

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Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking?  I know I do, all the time. I even make up voices for him, so he can 'answer' me (don't pretend YOU don't, too!). Some people claim they have the ability to ‘talk’ to animals by telepathically reading their thoughts. Sonya Fitzpatrick, a well-known animal communicator and former TV star, has written books on the subject and even has a radio talk show. I read Sonya's first book, What the Animals Tell Me, and I thought it was really interesting (one of the last chapters of that book deals with pet loss, too).  I spoke to someone recently who had a phone reading with her after the loss of her dog.  She was very comforted by what Sonya said, but she was out a lot of money after that - I think it cost her at least $300 (but you can check Sonya's website for the exact fee).

What Purpose Does an Animal Communicator Serve?

So why bother trying to communicate with pets?  Many claim it helps pet owners better understand their pet’s needs, or can help combat unwanted behavior.  Some animal communicators offer assistance in missing pet cases, or even to help detect animal abuse. Personally, I think there are a few reasons why the average person chooses to use animal communicators, and one is curiosity. If you can afford it or you're not forced to pay an outrageous fee, why not give it a try? It's fun to see if the communicator can tell you anything useful or accurate. It might just help you understand your dog better, or it might just be a fun thing to try. Another reason is pet loss. I know so many people who have lost pets (myself included) and they are just looking for closure or some kind of way to make sure their fur baby is safe or still with them. 

How Do Animal Communicators Work?

My husband will tell you that they don't, and that it's all just hocus pocus.  And it very well might be, but I'd like . But if you are willing to keep an open mind, they say that each animal communicator operates in their own style.  Some need to touch the pet to ‘hear’ their thoughts, others just need to see a photo to pick up on the pet’s ‘vibes.’  One animal communicator who I spoke with said animals communicate to her through a series of pictures in her mind.

So What’s it Like to Visit an Animal Communicator?

I visited an animal communicator here in New Jersey named Lorraine Moore, shortly after we adopted our rescue puppy, Spot. We didn’t know much about what breed he was, or even where he came from (I think he is most closely related to Sir Didymus from Labyrinth, but that's just my opinion).


Lorraine was making an appearance at our local Cherrybrook pet store, so I signed up to meet her, just for fun.  I paid $25 for a 15 minute time slot.  Spot came with me, and seemed very excited about the whole trip.

What She Told Me

I must admit, I was skeptical at first.  But I was eerily surprised by what she said.  The moment she saw Spot, she began to pet him and said, ‘You’re a good man, yes you are.’  I was taken aback, because this is a nickname we have for him that not too many people know.  I had just said to him yesterday, ‘you are a good man, aren’t you?’  When I explained this to her, she said, ‘well, that’s what he was telling me, he said, ‘mommy says I’m a good man.’  Hmmm.  Next she told me what breed she thought he was (a maltese/schnauzer mix?), and where he came from (a breeder trying to make a designer breed did not like the result of the litter), both of which made a lot of sense to me, from what I know of his history.  She also told me that he hears me counting in my head (which I do when trying to train him) and that he doesn’t like it when I close the bathroom door (also extremely true).  She said he sees Milo, our deceased dog, around the house (although she did not use Milo's name).  She said simple things, like he loves looking out the windows (so true)...

...and that the squirrels drive him NUTS.  This might be true of all dogs but she was dead on with this one- squirrels make him literally INSANE. She mentioned his love of running and that I should make sure he stays safe and leashed because of this. Another odd tidbit she pointed out was that there were stray cats in our yard and Milo (our first dog) was upset that the cats have not been respecting Spot's boundaries. It is very true that we have feral cats in the woods behind our home. I have not seen them near our house (they usually stay in the woods), so I kind of shrugged it off.  Lorraine said that Milo told her he used to keep the cats away, but that they are coming nearer and not respecting Spot's boundaries. I didn't think much of the cat story, but I kids you not, within a few days of her telling me this, I opened our patio door to find a cat sitting on the chair on our deck.

In short, could she have guessed any of the things she told me, like a well-studied con-artist? I suppose she could have.  But mentioning his special nickname right off the bat was mysterious, and so was the cat story.  Some of the things she said, I don’t know how she could have possibly guessed them.  I had yet to put anything about Spot on the internet, really, so there was not much research she could have done on me at that point, had she been a fake.

I liked Lorraine, personally.  She was easy to talk to and Spot liked her, too.  I liked her enough to come back for a second reading, to see if she could tell me anything about Milo, who passed in 2013.  But we'll save that for another blog entry.

What did Lorraine say about you, my sweet boy?

Is It Worth It?

That’s something you’d have to decide for yourself.  People think I am nuts for spending $25 on this, but hey, I don't get my nails done, I don't go to the spa- this is what I choose to spend my 25 bucks on, okay?

I also know for those suffering with pet loss, a visit to an animal communicator might help put their hearts and minds at ease.  For this visit, it was mostly curiosity and for fun.  I’m glad I went- it was interesting and Spot enjoyed meeting her.  I feel like I bonded a little more with him, and whether she was legitimate or not, I try to keep the bathroom door open for him now.  He seems pretty happy with that.

The Good Man himself!
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