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The Jersey Doggy is Under Construction!

by TheJerseyMomma, April 13, 2021
Check back soon for a whole new experience! The Jersey Doggy, sister site to The Jersey Momma, will be launching soon! Please bear with us as we work out some kinks and add to this site. You might find some links currently don't work or are still in the process of being created. Stay tuned for our launch day!

My Experience with an Animal Communicator

by TheJerseyMomma, April 12, 2021
Have you ever wondered what your pet was thinking?  I know I do, all the time. I even make up voices for him, so he can 'answer' me (don't pretend YOU don't, too!). Some people claim they have the ability to ‘talk’ to animals by telepathically reading their thoughts. Sonya Fitzpatrick, a well-known animal communicator and former TV star, has written books on the subject and even has a radio talk show. I read Sonya's first book, What the Animals Tell Me, and I thought it was really interesting (one of the last chapters of that book deals with pet loss, too).  I spoke to someone recently who had a phone reading with her after the loss of her dog.  She was very comforted by what Sonya said, but she was out a lot of money after that - I think it cost her at least $300 (but you can check Sonya's website for the exact fee).

After losing a dog, a lot of people ask, 'How do I know when to get another?' Although I'm no expert, my answer is always the same, 'You'll know,' and 'The right dog will find you.'  Now, I'm not saying there's a dog out there with a compass and your photo (although, wouldn't that be cool?) but I truly believe that dogs are brought into our lives by a higher power.  Their love is so genuine, unconditional and pure, I just feel like there is some greater force at work that ties them to our lives and makes us better people.

The Snowman and the Snowdog

by TheJerseyMomma, December 01, 2016
As a dog lover and a mom, I love when I come across something beautiful- something worth sharing.  I have always enjoyed The Snowman by Raymond Briggs, and last year, by some twist of fate, I came across the movie, The Snowman and the Snowdog, which seemed to be some kind of sequel to The Snowman. Having just lost our Milo that summer.