Spot's Picks: Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Dogs

in , by TheJerseyMomma, November 14, 2014
Okay, so maybe every day is like Christmas for your pooch.  I know that Spot leaves the local PetValu every time we visit with at least one present (and it's usually a bully stick, gross!).  But the holidays are a chance to buy some really cool gifts for your furry friend.  Spot and I have searched the internet for some of the coolest dog gifts for 2014.  Check out what we found!

Gingerbread Dog House

Yeah!!!!!!  Now that's the kind of house any dog would like to live in!  A mini gingerbread house just for them!  Can you imagine the Christmas card photos?  Plus, you can have it personalized!  This sweet surprise will only set you back $24.98 (and some shipping, too).  I did see it in person and it's mainly for smaller dogs.  Indoor use, too, of course, since it's plush. 

Monkey Sweater

Spot is not a fan of sweaters, but with his shagginess, he needs 'em!  He has a lot of hair, but he's a skinny minnie, and he gets cold under there!  My favorite this year is the Sock Monkey Sweater from In the Company of Dogs.  It even has a little hood with monkey ears! Monkey ears, I tell you!!  The bad part?  It's $39.95.  But it's oh, so cute!

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Dog Wine

Yep, I'm serious!  They totally have this.  You can totally buy this for your pup.  Dog wine!!!  Don't worry, it's not like you're going to be feeding your pooch alcohol or anything.  This is more of a flavor enhancer for their food.  But what a cute gift, right?  It would even make a cute hostess gift for a dog loving friend (well, for the dog loving friend's dogs, know what I mean).  Check out Yappy Hour Vineyards for their entire collection.  Flavors range from Char-dog-nay to Grrr-lot, and they'll set you back roughly $20 a bottle.

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Gourmet Treats

When shopping for gourmet treats, we prefer to go local.  You know we looooove The Hungry Hound in Somerville (just look at their spread!!):

The Hungry Hound, Somerville, NJ

And we also like shopping at Well Bred in Clinton.  But if you're not from New Jersey or you're more of an internet shopper, check out Three Dog Bakery online.  We love the look of their 'Pup-kin Spiced Latte.'  Get it?  It even comes in a little container that looks like a coffee cup!  Only $8.99.  Ya can't beat that.

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Hand-made Toys, Collars and Charms

Have you seen this Squirrel Hunter charm?  I am so getting this one.  There is no squirrel hunter like Spot.  Even though he hasn't caught one yet, he is the ultimate tracker, the wanna-be terminator of squirrels!  Squirrels fear him!  Well, sort of.  They often run right in front of him but that's just because he's on a leash.  Any other time, I'm sure he would have them in his clutches.  So that's why I love this hand-made Squirrel Hunter charm from Hug a Pug Studios on Etsy.  Just $13.00 and you're supporting a hand-made business, and we love that.

photo courtesy of Hug a Pug Studios, Etsy

Funky Mutt on Etsy makes some of the cutest collars we have ever seen.  Check out this one that looks like carnival or movie tickets!!  Another cool thing about this collar is that it's personalized on the buckle, so you don't have to worry about hanging a charm or tag on it (my beloved Mr. Milo once got his toenail caught in his collection of collar bling, so bling was not his thing).  This cool, unique collar is only $25 and once again, you're supporting small business (handmade, too!).

photo courtesy of Funky Mutt, Etsy

We love Little Barkster on Etsy, maker of your favorite New York City food toys for dogs, like pretzels, black and white cookies, pizza, and hot dogs!  We also love their pup, Gordon, who is a Schnoodle.  Our rescue group told us that Spot is also a Schnoodle, but he never seemed to look much like a Schnoodle to me.  However, he kind of looks like Little Barkster's Gordon, so maybe Spot has Schnoodle genes after all (or Gordon is his long lost cousin!).  We love that their toys are all handmade in Brooklyn.  This cool pretzel is $14.

photo courtesy of Little Barkster, Etsy

Bark Box

And finally, the ultimate doggie gift is a subscription to Bark Box.  Bark Box is a subscription service that delivers dog toys and treats to your home monthly.  They customize the box to the type of dog you have, and you can choose what kind of subscription you want (starting at $19.00).  Another cool thing about them is that 10% of their profits go to rescue group charities.

And you know, this goes without saying: the best gift you can give your pup this year is time and love.  Take a walk, take a hike, play, play, play!!  Your dog loves you no matter what, so the gift giving is just a fun extra.  Right, Spot?

No, MaMa, I like the gifts!
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